I’m certainly a project-based learner and have worked on and completed several various projects as I explore new languages and skills. I have examples of my work in Android Development and Web Development, both front end and back end development using PHP, Ruby on Rails, and the Meteor JavaScript Framework. You can also check out my GitHub profile where I have made it a goal to make at least one commit to any of my projects every day.

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As a person that loves to be independent and always likes to be busy, I’ve attained many skills and experiences through various jobs. While I have learned a lot through my projects, I can’t undervalue the things that I have also learned while working as an Software Intern for Fitz-Thors Engineering, and as the main technical person for the College of Sciences and Mathematics Outreach office at Auburn. I Look forward to the many other opportunities I will also get to experience in the future.

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About Me

While working my way through college and handling the heavy course load of Software Engineering there’s not a lot of free time for other activities. However, without my love for college basketball and cycling I don’t know what my sanity would look like. I’m on a constant mission to become a better me each day and value efficiency and productivity so that I am able to fit all of the things I enjoy into a packed schedule.

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