About Me

My youngest brother Luke and I during and Auburn Football gameday. Me after finding a Taco Bell in an Atlanta mall after shopping with my girlfriend for several hours. My lovely girlfiend, Emmy, and I before a dinner date. Me in my normal basketball game attire of an Auburn onesie and my Jungle shirt handing our copies of The Jungle Times.

Hello, World! My name is Jacob Varner. I am a third year Software Engineering major at Auburn University with passions for Jesus, development, Auburn Basketball, Taco Bell, cycling, and anything remotely similar to those things. I am the oldest child in a family of seven. I am a firm believer in Jesus and aim to be more and more loving like him each and every day. I have always had a love for technology and am especially fascinated with modern programming and the amazing things that can be done with just a little bit of "text." I have a genuine, crazy passion for Auburn Basketball and other Auburn sports. Taco Bell and Diet Mountain Dew probably makes up most of my caloric intake. I have recently picked up cycling as a way to stay active and explore God's wonderful creation and also enjoy staying active through Ultimate Frisbee and other sports when I get the time to enjoy them. I strive to be a passionate person through each of the things I enjoy and find a nice balance in always being busy.

As a college student pursuing a degree in Software Engineering it is expected for me to be busy, but on top of that I occupy my time with even more things to force myself to always improve and learn new things. When I'm not in classes or studying and doing homework I also work half time in the College of Sciences and Mathematics Outreach Office where I get the opportunity to work with many different age kids in many different areas of math, science, engineering, and technology. While I have many normal student tasks within our office, I also get to serve as our "tech guy" and I enjoy seeing the tech side of a non-technical office. My coworkers are some of my best friends and it makes it so much easier to maintain such a busy schedule when I'm surrounding by people I love being around. Outside of "actual work" (as I like to call it) I also devote a lot of my time to being the leader of The Jungle, Auburn Basketball's official student section. This allows me to work on my leadership skills while double dipping in my passions for technology and Auburn Basketball. I played the main role in writing an application, reviewing applicants, and leading a team of fellow students with a goal of making Auburn Basketball's student sections one of the best in the country.

On a more professional and academic side, I aim to use each day as an opportunity to learn something or improve on a set of skills. I believe wholly in working hard and continuing to better myself to earn a life that it satisfying to me. This includes me constantly trying to self teach myself programming and development topics outside of my required classes at Auburn and then turning around and using those skills to produce projects that help others or fix a problem that I may have found. I have always maintained a high standard for my education and graduated from Hoover High School with an International Baccalaureate degree as well as completing the Engineering Academy and participating on the math team for all four years. My wonderful high school experience laid a fantastic foundation that I am still trying to build on at such an amazing institution as Auburn University. I plan to take advantage of my full academic scholarship and stay in school for the full four years and take as many extra software electives and beneficial classes as I can. After I graduate in May 2017, I plan to pursue a Masters in Business Administration so that I can use my technical development and leadership skills to either run my own company or play a big role in some other forward-thinking project under a forward-thinking company.

I genuinely strive to be a better person each and every day in both my personal and professional life. As a person that it always trying to improve, I'm also always changing and consider myself a really hard person to explain in one sentence and even in a full dedicated page. I'm almost always eager to talk to people, and if you would like to be one of those people, there are several ways to get in touch with me on the contact page. My name is Jacob Varner. I am a third year Software Engineering major at Auburn University with passions for Jesus, development, Auburn Basketball, Taco Bell, cycling, and anything remotely similar to those things.