About Me

Hello, world! My name is Jacob Varner and I am a Software Engineering student at Auburn University with passions for Jesus, learning new skills, development, college basketball, and cycling. My responsibilities include working for the College of Sciences and Mathematics Outreach Office at Auburn as well as serving as the leader of The Jungle, Auburn Basketball's student section. I fuel my busy schedule with Taco Bell and Mountain Dew as well as with the encouragement from a lovely girlfriend and a supportive family of seven.

I live my busy life trying to learn new things each day and continue to strive to make myself a better, more efficient human. Whether this is learning a new language or framework, reading about a new productivity "hack," or trying to get faster and go further on my bicycle I genuinely enjoy the quest for improvement. For entertainment I prefer to watch YouTube series that focus on teaching new development skills and when I have free time I look to spend it working on one of my many side projects.

As I've always been someone striving for self-improvement, I've had some great help along the way. In high school I greatly benefited from being apart of the Math Team with an excellent teacher and was wonderfully prepared for college engineering classes and a future career as an engineer by completing four years of the Engineering Academy at Hoover High School. Not only did I learn a ton of practical skills through the Engineering Academy, it also set me up for a very rewarding summer internship with Fitz-Thors Engineering, Inc. the summer after graduating high school and helped me get a position with COSAM Outreach where I am now the head scorekeeper for both the War Eagle BEST Robotics Competition and the South's BEST Regional Robotics Championship along with several other science and technology based programs.

Along with my drive to improve myself the same determination and self-motivation makes me want to eventually run my own business and create something useful for many people with software. With this goal in mind, I plan to pursue a Masters in Business Administration along with a Masters in Industrial Engineering after completing my undergraduate degree. An MBA will allow me to manage and lead any future projects with a much better ability while the Industrial Engineering degree will allow me to further explore the benefits of efficiency that can be applied to my projects and whatever work I do throughout my career.

As a very busy Software Engineering student, basketball enthusiast, and cyclist it's quite difficult to fully share who I am in just a few paragraphs. I believe one of the best ways to truly understand how my brain works and what I enjoy talking about the most is to follow me on Twitter where I Tweet all about those three areas of my life as well as whatever else interests me at the moment.